• I have used Francesca’s paints on all my projects for well over a decade. Her colour mixing service is impeccable. We have designed colours together from tiny scraps of William Kent 18th century velvet' to bits of bark off Eucalyptus trees. Who else could offer such a service! Her paints are deep and magical and any decorator , worth his salt, will relish the fascinating adventure of applying them; watching the texture appear on drying. Vive Colour, Texture and Joy. Vive Francesca Queen of Pigment!

    Miv Watts
    Interior Designer
  • Francesca is a total joy to work with. Her paints are wonderfully chalky and her colours have depth and life. We constantly work with unique, vintage materials and textiles so having the opportunity to bespoke colour match is incredibly helpful. Thank you!

    Clare Lewis
    Retrouvius Architectural Reclamation & Design
  • Having been involved on a large project in Ireland on a number of houses Francesca’s Paints was DEFINITELY the top supplier! All Francesca’s colours are GORGEOUS and she is super efficient and does exactly as it says on the “tin”.We will always use her, you must too.

    Emma McGrath
    Interior designer and client
  • We live in a world that has become so black and white. Francesca's passion for her work restores the nuance of colour to our lives. She may not fully realize how precious her gift is and how deeply she draws on her Italian heritage of mastery with colour. Her paints are on the walls of two houses in my family. It matters a great deal to us that Francesca has created her palettes and paints with such sensitivity to the environment.

    Sally Thompson
    Best client
  • Francesca’s colours in her wonderful chalky paints are so delicious and rare! A brilliant colourist, at the drop of a hat she can mix a special colour for a scheme in that perfect shade which doesn’t exist in any paint card (and then repeat it if you need more!). For colour enthusiasts, to work with her is joyful and rewarding, every colour a winner!

    Cecilia Willis
    Cecilia Willis Ceramics
  • I met Francesca very soon after she first set up business in Battersea; I was charmed by her colour charts and how she developed the colours from her love of travel, bringing the feel of the places that she visited into her paints.

    Very soon after we met I realised that her Italian passion was tempered by the German efficiency and reliability that she has inherited from her father’s family. She has always produced and delivered on time and her colours are always consistent and the quality is beautiful.

    Together Francesca and Camillo make a wonderful team and I have always felt so welcome when I visit them and discuss ideas.

    Jenny Phillips
    Dragonfly Design
  • As well as the thrill of seeing all of the gorgeous colours that Francesca has created herself in her studio, she is brilliant at colour matching to other paints, fabrics and furnishings.

    I feel so lucky and excited to be working with her and to be using the delicious combinations of her chalky textures and beautiful colours.

    Elise Ovanesoff

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