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    Colour Matching
    The full range of 236 colours is complemented by a colour matching service. Francesca's Paints specialises in custom colour mixing and has pleasure in creating new colours for client's own specification. Please send a sample and it will be matched for you. All colours are formulated and can be reproduced at a later date.

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    We all love colours and have a favourite one, but when it comes to choosing the colours for our home it can be daunting.

    All colours are beautiful, but the wrong colour in a wrong location can bring unhappiness and unwanted feelings: colours have a very strong emotional impact on us and they determine our mood and behaviour.

    I have been around colours for more than 30 years, I studied their psychology, use and origins. At work, I make colours every day, I create them and formulate them. I travel the world looking for them.

    I love colours and understand how to combine them harmoniously.

    For the Consultation, I come out to the property with all my 236 colours in an A4 format so we can see them clearly, put them up on the wall and have a real feeling of how they are going to look. I stay as long as it takes.

    I feel that I am like the second brain to my clients. Most have an idea of what they like, and I generally help to tidy this idea up and suggest colour schemes that will create a happy, warm and peaceful atmosphere.

    Once back in the Studio I send out a list of all the colours in the different finishes we have chosen, with paint quantities, prices and sample pots to try on the walls.

    Colour consulting is a part of my job, along with creating colours and colour matching, that I like very much because it gives me enormous pleasure to help to create and transform a space with the right colours and paints.

    Colours are part of our lives, it is important to use them wisely.

    I could help, if you like.

    A colour consultation costs £300 plus travel expenses and includes all the samples chosen in A4 and sample pot format.

    If you are interested please call us on 020 72287694 or email me to book an appointment.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    Francesca's Paints offers technical support to assist tradesmen in the preparation and application of Francesca's Paints and advice architects to ensure correct specification.


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    Deliveries charges vary with quantities ordered and are priced on application. All goods remain the property of Francesca's Paints until payment is made in full.


    Collection is available by appointment only.

    For more information, please call 020 7228 7694.

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