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Collections are listed in chronological order, from most recent.

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Francesca’s Paints Ltd is happy to announce the launch of Poison into Medicine, a collaboration between Dillwyn Smith (artist) and Francesca Wezel (the colourwoman) - NEW!

The collection is called Poison into Medicine, a Buddhist term meaning that we can take suffering, hardships or trauma happening in our life and use it as stimulus to create something positive, thus changing Poison into Medicine.

Francesca and artist Dillwyn Smith visited The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square together in 2018 where he introduced Francesca to some of his favourite early renaissance paintings and in particular the paintings of Piero della Francesca.

The colours in this new collection take inspiration from his painting The Nativity, painted in 1470-5 in oil on poplar wood. Dillwyn has been looking at this painting for more than 40 years and has developed a deep relationship with it.

We build relationships with particular paintings across a lifetime, sometimes they challenge us and at other times give us sustenance and courage, The Nativity is one of these for Dillwyn. Though developing this new range of colours inspired by this work, we wish to share the sense of the calm illumination, serenity and beauty that we find in Piero’s masterpiece, we believe that these colours are well balanced and reflect the humanity and strength of The Nativity.

Dillwyn and Francesca developed a respect and friendship whilst working on a project in 2014 where D found F because he wanted to use bespoke colours to create a special atmosphere at Morito Hackney Road for restaurateurs Sam & Sam Clark. They worked together again in 2018 for Dillwyn’s exhibition 'Teacher’s Pet' at Patrick Heide Gallery, London when he wanted to frame his work with colours inspired by some of his favourite early renaissance paintings, these colours would be painted directly onto the wall. Working closely together with Francesca they made the colours which were a great success. They agreed to collaborate together in the future and 'Poison into Medicine’ is the result. His love of art and colour has its roots in the art room at school where he found solace and sanctuary from a teacher who had groomed and abused him whilst at school. Through his life as an artist Dillwyn believes he is turning ‘Poison into Medicine’. Dillwyn and Francesca believe that colour touches us deeply, can affect, stimulate and always be alive within us.

We hope you will enjoy it.

Dillwyn Smith/Francesca Wezel

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JJK Gurukulam Collection

Gurukulam is a type of residential schooling system in India with shishya (students) living near or with the guru, in the same house. It literally means the House of the Guru.

Janaka Janani Kripa Gurukulam Trust (JJK Gurukulam Trust) is a social service oriented body engaged in providing education and a home for children of less privileged and dysfunctional families, based few miles from Thrichur. It has been founded by Swami Tattvarupananda Saraswati. Swamiji was born & raised in Kerala’s culture capital, Trichur. As a spiritual seeker from a young age, he was fortunate to have met many different masters of repute. From 2004 onwards, Swamiji has taught Bhagavad Gita classes during Teacher Training Courses and Raja Yoga Sutras & Sanskrit during Advanced Training Courses to students in Sivananda ashrams in India. I had the fortune and honour to meet him as his student at the Sivananda Advanced Teacher Training in Madurai in India in 2009. In 2015 I went to a spiritual retreat with him in Madhuban in the Himalayas and it was one of the most magical places I have ever been. Swami Tattva has already opened a Gurukulam for boys in Trivandrum and the girl Gurukulam was open in January 2017. I spent 2 weeks in the Gurukulam last year in October 2017 and I was so impressed by the pure and spiritual upbringing of these wonderful girls. There were 8 girls when I was there. This collection is dedicated to them, each colour has a girl’s name and 10% of the profit of this collection will go toward the Gurukulam. Thank you Swamiji for your vision and for making it happen and for giving young people a chance for a better life. If you are interested in this cause and would like to make a donation please visit

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The Himalaya's Collection

After another month spent in the Himalayas, in Rudraprayag,Uttarakhand, doing an intense yoga program, I have been inspired to create the Himalaya's Collection, to celebrate the colours, the smells, the spirituality and purity of this amazing, mystical, and deep part of the world where I seem to return to at least once a year.

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The John W. Waterhouse Collection

The John Waterhouse collection came about because of my fondness towards the Lady of Shalott, one of my favourite paintings of all time, displayed at Tate Britain in London.

The intricate design of her skirt, the surroundings, and the depth of colours inspired me to create this pallet.

From the silvery off white to the deep browny blue, I think these hues are historical but fresh and contemporary at the same time, they can be used in various situations and in different mediums, from chalky to gloss.

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This collection is inspired by Exmoor and the west country, by the beautiful and unspoiled landscape, by the ever changing and moody colours.
I wanted to capture the amalgamation of the browns from the sedges, the mauve from the heathers and the greys from the pebbles along the coast.

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Sadhana means self discipline. I have been inspired by Yoga for this collection. Yoga has become part of my daily life.

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Urban Chic

Why a grey collection? Because greys are modern, contemporary and stylish, they reflect what is going on now and they can be combined with almost any other hue.

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Off White II

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Monsoon Rains

Each year, the monsoon rains flood India during the months of June to September. Aleta Bartel-Orton and Francesca Wezel have created the 'Monsoon Rains' collection with reference to these waters that cleanse, bring life, and shape cultures.
'Monsoon Rains' is the third collection designed to co-ordinate with Aleta's fabrics and wall papers inspired by the Mughal decorative arts of 17th entury northern India.

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Indian Summer

Following the success of their "Mughal Spring' collection, Aleta Bartel-Orton and Francesca Wezel created 'Indian Summer' to capture shades of the warm autumn months of a prolonged summer.
Once again, the collection has been designed to co-ordinate with Aleta's range of fabrics and wallpapers, which are inspired by nature and pay tribute to the decorative arts of 17th Century Mughal India.

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Mughal Spring

Aleta Bartel-Orton and Francesca Wezel have combined their passion for colour to create ‘Mughal Spring’. Each shade has been carefully created to complement a variety of designs within Aleta’s textile collections for interiors.
Aleta’s prints are born from the meticulously drawn leaves, buds and flowers of the Mughal nature studies from 17th Century India. With these 8 shades, we have tried to capture the fresh, spiritual essence of an exotic spring.
With ‘Mughal Spring’ we pay tribute to the past, but take fresh inspiration from the contemporary blues and greens that are the colours of the moment.

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Off White

Why an off white collection? Because these tones are elegant, sophisticated, classical and never out of date.

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Miv Watts: The Tin Shack Collection

'To be afraid of colour is to be afraid of life'
Paint it any colour you like, but make it reflect the environment. Let it never be beige or magnolia, because life just isn't beige.
These colours have been inspired by the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland of N.S.W., Australia. They come as a welcome relief to the recent depersonalisation of our homes. Whether a shack, a homestead or a modern townhouse, Australians live closely with their environment, care constantly for its welfare and are acutely aware that what they put in, they get out. This all makes for a confident community.
With this in mind they are not afraid to use colour wherever they can. Both inside and out, the Australian home is a vivid reflection of its natural surroundings.
This palette is a mixture of influences from the brightness of the sparkling bay to the tropical earthiness of the rain forest.
We hope you are inspired to pick up your brush and BE BRAVE!

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Tenth Collection

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Cuban Collection

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Namibian Sands

The colours of Namibia are strong, alive, ever changing. Sand, rocks, stony mountains, canyons, and sand dunes. I have been highly inspired by this scenery, and this is the result of that inspiration.

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I was inspired by earthy tones, as I was creating it I was imagining to be in the bush, feeling the land, thinking of the colours there.

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Combining the Italian heritage and style of Francesca and the Sacla sauces, it seemed a natural step to dream up a food inspired paint collection which would echo the warmth and depth of the Italian experience.

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Based on the colours of Norfolk. I sent the colours to Miv Watts, a designer, who came out with the lovely poem, read left to right.

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Houghton Hall Collection

I was given some 18th Century fabric to match. Through Miv Watts, a Designer, I got to know the people at Houghton Hall and they allowed me to use historical names for the colours.

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After the Original Collection I thought that I needed some pale softer hues.

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I wanted to create something fresh and soft.

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I wanted to be original and so I asked some of my friends what their favourite colours were and so the Collection was born.