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Francesca Wezel established Francesca's Paints Limited in November 1996.

Francesca, a native of Milan, Italy, nurtures a passion for traditional paint finishes and has a special talent for creating and mixing colours.

Francesca developed her expertise in Sydney, Australia, where she lived from 1990 till 1996, working as a colourist with traditional paint finishes.

During her stay in Sydney, Francesca was manager and colour consultant for Porter's Paints; the only manufacturer of traditional paint finishes in Australia.

Francesca holds a Diploma in Colour and Design from Worthington College in Sydney, where she studied the psychology in the use of colours, as well as a Diploma in Interior Design from Rhodec Institute in the UK.


    Easter 2019 Spent two enriching and inspiring day in Paris. What a wonderful city

    March 2019
    Went to Andalusia for a week of detoxing, yoga and meditation. Mind and body feel so sharp after this. We stayed in the mountains, wonderful chilli morning, we got up early for meditation. No noise, only the bird singing.

    December 2018
    More India, North of Cochin in the wonderful Ashram of Swami Govindananda (www.sivanandapeetham.org), the best place to recharge our batteries. Surrounded by rice fields, speckled with white herons. We drank the water from the well and milk from the cows leaving in the fields.The quietest and cleanest India I have ever seen.

    August 2018
    Numana, in Le Marche, Italy. Always very inspiring to see my artist friend in her house by the sea. Surrounded by her art, and by the sea, 3 meters from the house. Long swims, yoga on the beach and great food. This is the life.

    June 2018
    Went to Nimes to see my favorite client in her beautiful house painted with our lime wash. Enjoyed lovely lunches and dinners and the local flea markets.

    May 2018
    Flew to the Azores for 10 days of Yoga in the dramatic landscape on the island of Sao Miguel. Went whale watching. How incredibly exciting to have seen them playing with the dolphins. The sea is 3000 meters deep and colour is purple blue. Very beautiful.

    January 2018
    I went to the Bahamas to the Sivananda Ashram for more yoga, meditation and detox. Great beginning of the year. Weather was not fantastic but the colours, the air, the vegetation, the sea, all wonderful I am a lucky lady. Travelling enriches my soul.

    September-October 2017
    I went back to India. The first two weeks I spent them in a Gurukulam founded by Swami Tattvarupananda Saraswati near Thrissur. Gurukula is a type of residential schooling system in India with shishya (students) living near or with the guru, in the same house. It literally means the House of the Guru.
    Janaka Janani Kripa Gurukulam Trust (JJK Gurukulam Trust) is a social service oriented body engaged in providing education and a home for children of less privileged and dysfunctional families.

    I was so impressed by the pure and spiritual upbringing of these wonderful girls and decided to make a new collection called the JJK Gurukulam Collection dedicated to the girls I met at the Gurukulam, each colour has a girl's name and 10% of the profit of this collection will go toward the Gurukulam.

    Thank you Swamiji for your vision and for making it happen and to give to young people a chance for a better life.

    The last week I spent it in an Ashram in Trivandrum doing yoga and meditation. I love Ashram's life. I love the discipline, the routine, the order that it gives to the mind. Sensational food and great yoga, of course.

    Bank Holiday August 2017
    Back to Snowdonia for more yoga and healthy living. The land there is so sacred and pure. So many shades of green. Perfect for dog walking.

    May 2017
    Traveled to Ibiza to go and see the property of a client painted with our glorious colours. Lovely island. Still quiet because early season. There are beautiful flowers. It is the first time that I see the island green and lush. usually I go end of summer when it is all burned by the sun. Client house is fantastic. Our colours look brilliant everywhere.

    March 2017 Thailand.
    Spent 10 days doing Yoga in South Thailand in a Buddhist Centre. Beautiful. Long empty beaches, blue sea and strong sun. Golden Buddhas, amazing temples, lots of bold colours like RED and GOLD. Great healthy food. Peaceful, clean and magical.

    November 2016 Spent 3 weeks in the Himalayas in India doing an intense, life changing yoga program. I LOVE INDIA. It inspires me in any way.

    September 2016 A week in an unspoiled area of Calabria, southern Italy. Traditions still alive. It is like living in a different century.

    August 2016 Snowdonia. What a wonderful place. Pure. Perfect for walking, enjoying fresh air and clear the mind. Any shade of green imaginable.

    January- February 2016 Went to Costa Rica, a rugged rain-forested country. Lovely beaches,volcanoes and biodiversity. A quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle, incredibly rich with wild life, including spider monkeys and birds. Loved the hamming birds. Amazing colours.

    November 2015
    Went to Istanbul to celebrate my 50thy birthday!!!! What city, where east meets west. Loved the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Bazaar. Colours and smells.

    September 2015
    Spent two weeks in an Ashram in the Himalayas, in the most unspoilt and magical place ever, studying Vedanta philosophy and yoga.

    February 2015.
    Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen. Colourful areas painted in strong ochres and oranges in the lime wash!!! Interesting Design. Great city. Went to best restaurant ever, Amass, 9 courses paired with wine. All the senses had fun.

    October 2014
    Back to the Ashram in the Loire Valley, France for a week of intensive yoga to recharge the batteries.

    August 2014
    Francesca went to Mykonos. Freedom and fun. Turquoise sea, brown rocks, fresh food and a lot of swimming.

    December 2013 Francesca went to Iceland looking for the Northern Lights, unfortunately she didn’t see them but enjoyed this beautiful country. Reykjavik is such a stylish city, nice to see that globalisation has not hit them as yet, so no McDonalds, no H&M, no Zara, but independent chic shops, beautiful friendly people, and out of Reykjavik the spaces are incredible. Interesting light, I loved it.

    June 2013 Drove from Taormina down to Porto Palo, southern point in Sicily. Loved the city of Noto, where the Borocco style was born and stylish Ragusa. Nice beaches, blue sea and the food is to die for. We all came back with some more weight on!!!!

    June 2012 Morocco, my first time in Marrakesh, pink lime washed city, loved the smell, the colours, and the prayers in the morning; then we went to Imlil, up in the Atlas Mountains to cool down. We end up our very pleasant stay in Essaouria, the Berber name means the wall, a reference to the fortress walls that originally enclosed the city. Stayed in the same hotel as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. A very stylish Old House with amazing views of the Atlantic. Loved the Gnawa music.

    2011 Spent a long time in Guangzhou, China working on a project there. Very interesting.

    September 2010 Explored Sardinia, not the sea but inland. The Nuraghi are absolutely fascinating, they are the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, developed during the Nuragic Age between 1900-730 BC. Today it has come to be the symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture, the Nuragic civilization. We climbed inside one, spectacular!!!!

    January 2010 Francesca went to Varanasi, one of the most magical and spiritual sights in India, the cycle of life and death presented in front of your eyes. Amazing experience, she was incredibly touched by it all. Then traveled to Goa, to celebrate Camillo’s 60th birthday. Camillo has been working with Francesca for 10 years and he is a saint and the pillar of the company, so happy birthday Camillo!!!

    May 2009 Francesca spent a month in Mozambique. What a country!!! Travelled to the Illa de Mozambique, Tofu, Maputo and Kruger National Park. Beautiful colours, adorable people.

    In February 2009 Francesca went to Madurai, India, to stay in an ashram and learn more about yoga and its philosophy. Francesca is deeply in love with this country. Everything about India is beautiful, spiritual and colourful and she can not get enough!!!!

    In December 2007 Francesca went to Andalusia: Seville, the white villages and Granada. Incredibly beautiful and stylish place. The Moorish influence is fantastically delicate and elegant; again it is a joy to see how lime wash is used in the most incredible wonders of the world.

    In December 2006 Francesca went to Venice. Apart from being one of the most striking and romantic cities in the world, it is also the kingdom of lime wash. Fantastic to see how the lime wash really works in situations of humidity and dampness. The colours are broken and textured and the effect is striking.

    Francesca went to Dubai for a week in November 2006. She went to see Index 2006, the Interior Design Trade Fair. Interesting place. 50% of the cranes in the world are in Dubai. The biggest construction site ever seen!

    In September 2006 Francesca went back to beautiful Ginostra. Climed the Volcano, found more pigments.(www.magmatrek.it ) Also enjoyed discovering Palermo with its incredible architecture, people and food.

    From April till May 2006 Francesca spent a month in an Ashram in the Loire Valley for a deep immersion of spiritual life. Francesca discovered yoga more than 1 year ago and now her life evolves around it. (www.sivananda.org/london). Interested in the study and use of colours. Everything has a specific meaning, for instance yellow is the colour of learning, white of purity and so on.....

    In November 2005 Francesca went back to India for 2 weeks and visited Kerala. Can not stay away from this amazing country. Always something new to learn about colours, people, yoga and ayurvedic treatments. Fantastic!!!!!

    In January 2005 Francesca went to Antigua. She was most interested in trying to recreate the beautiful turquoises and blues but these hues can not really be used with the cold light of the UK. They look fantastic where the light is warm. Learnt a lot about how Caribbean people use colours.

    In August 2004 she went to Ginostra, in the active volcanic island of Stromboli, north of Sicily.With the help of a vulcanologist she got pigments from the volcano. Red oxide and yellow oxide and learnt some more techniques to colour natural paints.

    In January 2004 Francesca spent 6 weeks in the North East part of Brazil. She visited the Amazons and got in touch with some local indigenous tribes to learn about their method of colouration. Colours made with native plants and leaves.

    In January 2003 Francesca went to Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Visually, one of the most colourful and incredible trips that she has ever made. Textures and colours that kept changing with the sunlight, very inspirational.

    In January 2002 Francesca went to Cameroon, Africa, for 5 weeks to learn new techniques of colouring with natural plants and flowers.

    In 2001, she spent the month of January in sunny Australia, she went back to see where it all started.

    In January 2000, Francesca went back to India, for another full 'immersion' of colours, pigments and texture.

    Francesca spent the whole month of January 1999 in Mexico to see the lime wash in its splendour, to get inspired, to buy recipes books for traditional paint finishes and pigments.

    On her way back to Europe in the summer of 1996, Francesca stopped in India for several months, and in Jaipur she took a course specialised in the uses and applications of pigments and oxides.

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