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Francesca's Paints Limited began by producing lime wash for interior and exterior walls, and chalky emulsion for interior walls - but has now expanded by adding their unique touch to a wider range of paint types.

Francesca's Paints is launching a new product called SMART EMULSION, for use on interior walls and woodwork, including surfaces susceptible to condensation. It is easier to clean than conventional emulsions, fast drying and low in odor.

Francesca's Eco Emulsion is winning plaudits for its ecological credentials and amazing coverage, and for its citron smell, ideal were breathability of the wall is essential. A great alternative to our Lime Wash.

As "colour artisans" we do colours by eye and make colours to order. Every can of paint is hand mixed and a formula is kept so that the colours can be exactly reproduced if needed.

All products come in 228 hand-mixed colours, but Francesca's Paints Limited is able to produce and create custom colours to any specification in all products. This bespoke service complements the standard range of colours with an unlimited number of colours schemes and possibilities to meet every need.
All colour matching can be done as you wait if you wish.

Check out our latest collection POISON INTO MEDICINE on the colour page

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